Hi, you can call me Sammi.
And if you haven't guessed, I'm a spastic starfish and this is my life.

My high school is doing Oklahoma as our spring musical…

I get Aunt Eller. :D

Origionally, I didn’t even want to do the show. I was going to try out as a chorus member and dancer. But I decided last minute to change my audition monolougue and I guess they liked it. :3 But the best part is its double cast, so more people get the chance to do the show.

The girl who is my Laurey is wonderful, even though we only started getting along this summer. Shes grown so much and I’m proud of her. Shes becoming a better, more mature person and now were friends. :D

One of my close friends is Ado Annie in the other cast, and although I’m sad we won’t be working together, I am so proud! I knew she could get the part, even if she was freaking out earlier today. XD Shes grown so much in theatre and singing and I’m so happy she gets this opportunity!

Although I’m not super excited for the show itself, I’m excited to be working with my amazing cast members and living the ‘OH MY GOD THIS THING IS EATING MY LIFE AND UGH AND GAAH AND I NEED TO LEARN MY LINES HOLY CRAP BLEEEEEH OH YAY THE SHOW IS COMMING OH NO IS OVER I MISS IT WAAAAAAAHHHH’ experience that is our spring musical.